sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011

love poem

My soul is wild, thats calls you to it-

Wild as a river or a wood.

And it is useless to seek in it

a gentle mood.

I am like turbid waters running

they may not turn around

and never give to the same root

nor the same ground,

You heard a whisper but it wasn´t

the call of love.

And now the hungry sea before us

shall have us both.


an image hides the soul within
so that the blind alone can see

one clear word alone can unveil
the unperceived beauty of a face

a bow before the darkeness may
reveal the worlds hidden there

one whisper of love will let you pass
into the loveliness of their heart

viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011


i went outside of myself,
away, where i wasn´t myself,
like one who turns on a road´s bend
and sees the mountains right there,
the snowy mountains, just there.

i took my pain somewhere else
where no one could pay it heed,
my tears to some other place
where nor you nor i could heed them
and alone in the silence there
they flowed, a river.

i woul never take you with me
to where I alone should go
though you may want to follow me there
just to know...