viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

MR. Beano Beano and the very horse

The things I had for playing, and the things I was eating and touching, except for my feet, were boring me. Even the castle in the middle of my room, because all the knights were watching tv in the dungeon.
So I was just sitting and this is when I heard him. It was Mr. Beano Beano and I knew that right away because he didn´t even have to tell me.
He was small like a small top and really the same shape. But he was dressed like the fairy people which he is, with a red coat and red shoes and a blue hat with a feather. His head was an improbably fat bean with big eyes and a little nose. Like every fairy people he has wings like a mosquito, which are transparent so you can see what is behind them.
"oh, I know you! You´re Mr, Beano Beano!" I said.
" Yes sir, you know me well" we met a long time ago" he answered " and I take my hat off to you, sir"
"Well, as a sign of respect, sir"
"What is respect?" I asked.
"That´s when you like a person enough to take your hat off to them. If you have a hat on your head, which I do. If you have a hat on your head you probably have a head under your hat, too"
Now the light that was coming through the window disappeared and it was all dark like a storm and it was cold in the room. Mr. Beano Beano jumped away from me and shouted,
" Look how you seat, sir. You almost squashed me with your bum!"

I began to laugh but I saw that we were sitting on the grass and the room had disappeared. The hills all around were very dark green, and there was a horse that was brown with a white spot on the head. He was one of the very people.
"Shall we ride to the mountains, sir?" Asked Mr. Beano Beano.
"What is in the mountains?"
"We can stand under a rock and wait for the snow to fall on our faces"
We climbered on the horse and he took us to a wood where there were many trees but instead of chestnuts they had lots of little heads hanging from the branches. They were laughing really loud.
"Never mind them" said Mr. Beano Beano " They laugh because they are ticklish, especially when it´s windy"
The horse was galloping now and the moon came out. There was a lot of noise from the crickets and other beasts of the wild- It was very cold and dark.
"Are you a monster?" I asked Mr. Beano Beano.
"Monsters are big and I am small. I couldn´t be a monster. I am a fairy, that is why I have these marvellous wings on my back. And I am here only because you were really bored. I am taking you to the Fairy land"
"But I don´t want to go there. I just want to think about it" I said, because now I was scared.
"But in Fairy land you can have a palace, and many noble warriors to command, and a princess who will play music for you and read stories with you"
"No. I want to go back home!"
Then I was going inside a tunnel until there was light again and I was sitting in the middle of my room and there was the big castle and the knights watching tv in the dungeon. I guess it was time for lunch so my mom called me and I went into the dining room and sat at the table.
"Guess what I was doing in the room, mom?" I said " I was visited by Mr. Beano Beano and we went to the land of the very people on a horse and I just came back"
" Well, that is good, that you came back" she said.
" Can Mr, Beano Beano have some pasta, too?"
"Oh, is he sitting there with you?"
"Of course, silly, he is going to live with us now"


domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

Mr. Beano Beano and a Castle in Spain

Today I was up in Ondario which is far away in a country in a farm whera uncle Tony has horses. The hills went rolling and the snow was in little patches between the grass.
Mr. Beano Beano told me one time that horses want to live in the mountains which are cold and is where their horse friends are, so they escape sometimes and nobody sees them anymore.
It was the Thanks Giving and I was loving the turkey in little pieces that were improbably little because mom cut them to fit my mouth.
But I was thinking of Mr. Beano Beano and the very people which live in Spain which is a place in a village.
But in Ondario although there is water the sea is impossibly far, and so is Mr. Beano Beano and my pal daddy.
So I kept thinking of the dancing days that are dancing because I and my dad danced a lot in those days of the Old Time, mostly with the Song of the Pirate of the Wooden Leg. We went attacking the Otean and this is what we shouted:"Ho ho ho, here we pirates go, the otean is our foe!!!"
But when the waves touched our feet we run away, because the otean is a fierce warrior and I was nudie naked and had a red plastic bucket.
So I was wishing there was a red boat like the ones that I saw on the otean, so I can sail to spain which is a place in a country. That´s where I have a big castle in my playroom, that is only mine
and where the very people are, too.
It was in the Old Times when I and my pal daddy met Merlin and I took the sword out of the stone, which the fierce men and women warriors of Camelot could not take it out of the stone because they weren´t so improbably strong.
And Merlin told me this:"Although you are a peanut size people you took Excalibur from the stone, and so now you are the king of camelot and the king of Spain too, which is a place in a village where the playground is also".
Of course it turned out Merlin was only Mr. Beano Beano in very truth, telling stories, which he and my pal daddy is what they do.
So I was liking Ondario and the turkey in improbably little pieces, but I wasn´t forgetting that in very reality I am the king of Spain. And I was wishing there was an otean with a red boat so I could sail back to my castle.

miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Mr. Beano Beano and the Anaconda.

Maybe you don´t know how snakes can grow hairs and legs when they are impossibly old. But when they are like three hundred years they grow lots of hairs and little legs under their belly which is quite long. Of course they used to be dinosaurs.
People lose hairs when they are old, that´s different. So snakes and people don´t like each other.
Mr. Beano Beano says he saw a snake that was bigger than a big tree. It lived in a river in a jungle in a country. And there were villages by the river, which was huge. The snake was going up and down and up and down the river and people were enormously scared. That snake was a serpent and it could swallow a village if it did and the peole too if it wanted and it did some times.
This is what Mr. Beano Beano told me that happened when he lived in the jungle with the secret people who are the very people and they may have bean heads and lots of them have wings like a mosquitoe: that the serpent was swimming up and down the river and everybody saw it with big eyes because it was quite terrifying. It was bigger than the biggest trees and he could eat the people if it just did.
The rivers have floods, which is when they get mad and swell up. With a flood every fish and even frogs start to swim in the streets and there are disasters. People lose dishes and their pots
and the houses if they don´t break they turn into ships. But the worse is if a big serpent comes to the village because it will eat the pigs and the babies maybe.
When people sink in the flood they go live with the very people and they get a big blue hat like Mr. Beano Beano has. Where Mr. beano Beano lives with them the sun is the moon and it´s not round but it´s still shaped.
When there was a flood everyone jumped on the boats and floated, but a baby fell in the water and immediatly he turned into a fish and went to eat in the bottom where there is a lot of grass and mud too. The baby had one mommy who was cying but he had turned into a fish and he was eating in the bottom of the river.
One day the flood left the village, but the very truth is it´s still a big river. People think of what happened and they get very very scared. The baby didn´t come back because it sure was a fish swimming in the bottom of the water, eating the grass where it´s really wet.
But then the serpent came to the village and it put up its head so it looked like a big hill and went Pffft with the mouth and out came the baby that wasn´t a fish any more. He immediately fell on an enormously large leaf and so he wasn´t broken. The leaf din´t eat the baby beacause it saw that it wasn´t a fly.
That is why the people who live in those villages aren´t scared of the serpent anymore and they actually like it although it´s still a snake.
This happened when Mr. Beano Beano was peanut size but now the serpent is three hundred years old and it has hairs and a lot of legs and it lives in a cave far from the water.

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Mr Beano Beano and the very people.

Mr. Beano Beano came to me in a reality and he told me a very truth. That no imagination is a very wrong thing to use because they who use it see everything as it is not. So I am a lucky one because to me the very truth never comes hidden.
Impossibly, that could be because I don´t know a lot which I haven´t learnt before, and I haven´t unlearnt yet what they say they are going to learn me.
They are trying to learn me already but they don´t do it very hard because they are way too lazy to think what they say as they believe it is coming out in their voice.
For example, they say the title of a country and the name of a sea but I´m too genius to believe it because I know those guys are just water. Yeah they´re just water and I ask why water has names like people and I listen to them answer. But I know very certainly that what they tell me is actually the way it isn´t.
I count to ten now and even to twenty but I think twenty doesn´t want to be counted enough so mostly I stop at five.
Everybody is this big but I am a peanut size and a cat if it does can fit me in his belly. But I don´t know any cats who aren´t very good fairy people. And Mr. Beano Beano told me that cats live nine times, but for them going up to twenty is a chore and so they won´t because of their moustache.
My pal mommy is the best friend of me and she is not a cat but she was fitting me in her belly, nevertheless. Nevertheless neverthemore. That is a spell Mr Beano Beano knows from the fairy land, and even more when he wants.
My dad is even older. He is one of the very old people. He was a knight- errant and now he is going swirling down and down a big pipe. He is very unusually old and I have to tell him I love you on the telephone because he is old and maybe his head is upside down like mostly knight- errants who always shout " on the attack!!!" He plays the harmonica.
I ask him, are you so old that you are going to die? but he doesn´t know who to die is.
But only flies and bees die and the very people not really. The very people like Mr Beano Beano they mostly always stay forever.

domingo, 2 de octubre de 2011

sin tí

Sin tí
la risa es un estruendo
sin razón.

Los senderos del mundo
no llevan a ninguna parte.

La lluvia cae a los campos
sin motivo.

Yo quisiera creer
que la suma de todo
es más que el amor
por un único ser,
pero sin tí,
la luz, el mar, el tiempo,
todo, converge
en un vacío.

Sin tí la usencia cobra
hegeminía absoluta
sobre el presente.
Es como si la vida
hubiese terminado
hace ya mucho
y simplemente caminase
a lo largo de un sueño
sin lógica:
el sueño
de alguien que ya no existe
y que respira aún
solo por accidente
y para nada.

El perdón.

Toda norma social parecía diseñada para canalizar la lujuria.
Sin embargo, todo era resultado de ella: la proliferación de las plantas, los partos, la avaricia de los hombres de negocios como él, la avideza del poder...
No había ejercitado el control preciso sobre sus instintos, y lo había perdido todo.
El alcohol, las prostitutas, sus amantes, le acabaron.
No trabajaba, ya no tenía familia. Solo era un tipo mayor, perplejo y triste.
Esperaba que aquel viaje a la isla le rejuveneciese un poco, le liberase.
El agua era de un turquesa mirífico. La playa aparecía dorada, sin gente. La brisa le acariciaba el rostro calidamente. A lo lejos había barquitas de pesca, como juguetes flotando en las olas.
Tropezó con algo. Era una gran caracola. Se la llevó al oído, como haría un niño.
Allí adentro, retumbaba el océano, la libertad. Era una voz que le absolvía de toda culpa...

miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

extraños en el paríso

Con Meursault, hay quien dice que Camus nos indica que lo que más condena la sociedad es la honestidad de no alegar sentimientos cuando hay que aceptar la culpa.

Entre los abogados criminales es común la noción de que un jurado adjudica las penas más serias a aquellos criminales que no demuestran sentir arrepentimiento, o que no se molestan en aparentarlo.

Cuando Meursault nos habla del falleciemiento de su madre, exhibe un gran desapego emocional. No le afecta tanto.

Igualmente cuando se ve obligado a defenderse y mata al árabe en una playa argelina, piensa que lo que realmente debe hacer a continuación es irse al cine con su chica.

En la terminología actual, tales reacciones son la del llamado "sociopata", alguien totalmente carente de empatía hacia el prójimo.

Es aceptado que el significado del título de la famosa novela "Létranger", traducido al castellano como "El extranjero", debería titularse, en éste último idioma, "El Extraño" o incluso "El alienado"

Pero la noción principal de los pensadores del "existencialismo", como Albert Camus, es que la sociedad está regida por falsos sentimientos inculcados que frecuentemente hacen que cada individuo viva en un perpetuo estado de culpa inexplicable. Y que le esencia del enjuiciamento y del castigo, incluso en los colegios y a nivel universal, es una falacía. De lo cual transpira que todas las leyes, acciones y reacciones de la gente llamada "normal" resulten en una especie de trágica farsa cuyo elementos principales son la hipocresía y la soberbia.

Así los sere humanos vamos acarreando una sobrecarga de tristeza basada en la idea de la perdida, cuando en realidad solo el presente nos pertenece. Para no hablar de la culpa histórica.