domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010


I would have liked to write
a song so sad
it would remind the heart
where it came from,
of all the colours and skins and faces
it had worn
across the centuries, and of how it had been
everyone it had dared to love,
and lost.

Yeah, I would have liked to let the words
rise like the sun and draw across the sky
the heart´s longing for what was
and will be true, for beauty now
and long ago, and then fall
fall down into a sea
limitless, and of bleeding gold.

I would have liked to write the words
that could have moved a stone to tears,
guileless like a child´s eyes,
like a child´s laughter, without fear-
brave, like a peaceful beast,
deep like a father´s tears,
words that are music, understood
across the cultures and frontiers-

a song for all who were, and all
who are to come and feel,
full of regret for what was done,
of hope, for what will be.

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