miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Mr. Beano Beano and the Anaconda.

Maybe you don´t know how snakes can grow hairs and legs when they are impossibly old. But when they are like three hundred years they grow lots of hairs and little legs under their belly which is quite long. Of course they used to be dinosaurs.
People lose hairs when they are old, that´s different. So snakes and people don´t like each other.
Mr. Beano Beano says he saw a snake that was bigger than a big tree. It lived in a river in a jungle in a country. And there were villages by the river, which was huge. The snake was going up and down and up and down the river and people were enormously scared. That snake was a serpent and it could swallow a village if it did and the peole too if it wanted and it did some times.
This is what Mr. Beano Beano told me that happened when he lived in the jungle with the secret people who are the very people and they may have bean heads and lots of them have wings like a mosquitoe: that the serpent was swimming up and down the river and everybody saw it with big eyes because it was quite terrifying. It was bigger than the biggest trees and he could eat the people if it just did.
The rivers have floods, which is when they get mad and swell up. With a flood every fish and even frogs start to swim in the streets and there are disasters. People lose dishes and their pots
and the houses if they don´t break they turn into ships. But the worse is if a big serpent comes to the village because it will eat the pigs and the babies maybe.
When people sink in the flood they go live with the very people and they get a big blue hat like Mr. Beano Beano has. Where Mr. beano Beano lives with them the sun is the moon and it´s not round but it´s still shaped.
When there was a flood everyone jumped on the boats and floated, but a baby fell in the water and immediatly he turned into a fish and went to eat in the bottom where there is a lot of grass and mud too. The baby had one mommy who was cying but he had turned into a fish and he was eating in the bottom of the river.
One day the flood left the village, but the very truth is it´s still a big river. People think of what happened and they get very very scared. The baby didn´t come back because it sure was a fish swimming in the bottom of the water, eating the grass where it´s really wet.
But then the serpent came to the village and it put up its head so it looked like a big hill and went Pffft with the mouth and out came the baby that wasn´t a fish any more. He immediately fell on an enormously large leaf and so he wasn´t broken. The leaf din´t eat the baby beacause it saw that it wasn´t a fly.
That is why the people who live in those villages aren´t scared of the serpent anymore and they actually like it although it´s still a snake.
This happened when Mr. Beano Beano was peanut size but now the serpent is three hundred years old and it has hairs and a lot of legs and it lives in a cave far from the water.

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