lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Mr Beano Beano and the very people.

Mr. Beano Beano came to me in a reality and he told me a very truth. That no imagination is a very wrong thing to use because they who use it see everything as it is not. So I am a lucky one because to me the very truth never comes hidden.
Impossibly, that could be because I don´t know a lot which I haven´t learnt before, and I haven´t unlearnt yet what they say they are going to learn me.
They are trying to learn me already but they don´t do it very hard because they are way too lazy to think what they say as they believe it is coming out in their voice.
For example, they say the title of a country and the name of a sea but I´m too genius to believe it because I know those guys are just water. Yeah they´re just water and I ask why water has names like people and I listen to them answer. But I know very certainly that what they tell me is actually the way it isn´t.
I count to ten now and even to twenty but I think twenty doesn´t want to be counted enough so mostly I stop at five.
Everybody is this big but I am a peanut size and a cat if it does can fit me in his belly. But I don´t know any cats who aren´t very good fairy people. And Mr. Beano Beano told me that cats live nine times, but for them going up to twenty is a chore and so they won´t because of their moustache.
My pal mommy is the best friend of me and she is not a cat but she was fitting me in her belly, nevertheless. Nevertheless neverthemore. That is a spell Mr Beano Beano knows from the fairy land, and even more when he wants.
My dad is even older. He is one of the very old people. He was a knight- errant and now he is going swirling down and down a big pipe. He is very unusually old and I have to tell him I love you on the telephone because he is old and maybe his head is upside down like mostly knight- errants who always shout " on the attack!!!" He plays the harmonica.
I ask him, are you so old that you are going to die? but he doesn´t know who to die is.
But only flies and bees die and the very people not really. The very people like Mr Beano Beano they mostly always stay forever.

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