viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

MR. Beano Beano and the very horse

The things I had for playing, and the things I was eating and touching, except for my feet, were boring me. Even the castle in the middle of my room, because all the knights were watching tv in the dungeon.
So I was just sitting and this is when I heard him. It was Mr. Beano Beano and I knew that right away because he didn´t even have to tell me.
He was small like a small top and really the same shape. But he was dressed like the fairy people which he is, with a red coat and red shoes and a blue hat with a feather. His head was an improbably fat bean with big eyes and a little nose. Like every fairy people he has wings like a mosquito, which are transparent so you can see what is behind them.
"oh, I know you! You´re Mr, Beano Beano!" I said.
" Yes sir, you know me well" we met a long time ago" he answered " and I take my hat off to you, sir"
"Well, as a sign of respect, sir"
"What is respect?" I asked.
"That´s when you like a person enough to take your hat off to them. If you have a hat on your head, which I do. If you have a hat on your head you probably have a head under your hat, too"
Now the light that was coming through the window disappeared and it was all dark like a storm and it was cold in the room. Mr. Beano Beano jumped away from me and shouted,
" Look how you seat, sir. You almost squashed me with your bum!"

I began to laugh but I saw that we were sitting on the grass and the room had disappeared. The hills all around were very dark green, and there was a horse that was brown with a white spot on the head. He was one of the very people.
"Shall we ride to the mountains, sir?" Asked Mr. Beano Beano.
"What is in the mountains?"
"We can stand under a rock and wait for the snow to fall on our faces"
We climbered on the horse and he took us to a wood where there were many trees but instead of chestnuts they had lots of little heads hanging from the branches. They were laughing really loud.
"Never mind them" said Mr. Beano Beano " They laugh because they are ticklish, especially when it´s windy"
The horse was galloping now and the moon came out. There was a lot of noise from the crickets and other beasts of the wild- It was very cold and dark.
"Are you a monster?" I asked Mr. Beano Beano.
"Monsters are big and I am small. I couldn´t be a monster. I am a fairy, that is why I have these marvellous wings on my back. And I am here only because you were really bored. I am taking you to the Fairy land"
"But I don´t want to go there. I just want to think about it" I said, because now I was scared.
"But in Fairy land you can have a palace, and many noble warriors to command, and a princess who will play music for you and read stories with you"
"No. I want to go back home!"
Then I was going inside a tunnel until there was light again and I was sitting in the middle of my room and there was the big castle and the knights watching tv in the dungeon. I guess it was time for lunch so my mom called me and I went into the dining room and sat at the table.
"Guess what I was doing in the room, mom?" I said " I was visited by Mr. Beano Beano and we went to the land of the very people on a horse and I just came back"
" Well, that is good, that you came back" she said.
" Can Mr, Beano Beano have some pasta, too?"
"Oh, is he sitting there with you?"
"Of course, silly, he is going to live with us now"


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