domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

Mr. Beano Beano and a Castle in Spain

Today I was up in Ondario which is far away in a country in a farm whera uncle Tony has horses. The hills went rolling and the snow was in little patches between the grass.
Mr. Beano Beano told me one time that horses want to live in the mountains which are cold and is where their horse friends are, so they escape sometimes and nobody sees them anymore.
It was the Thanks Giving and I was loving the turkey in little pieces that were improbably little because mom cut them to fit my mouth.
But I was thinking of Mr. Beano Beano and the very people which live in Spain which is a place in a village.
But in Ondario although there is water the sea is impossibly far, and so is Mr. Beano Beano and my pal daddy.
So I kept thinking of the dancing days that are dancing because I and my dad danced a lot in those days of the Old Time, mostly with the Song of the Pirate of the Wooden Leg. We went attacking the Otean and this is what we shouted:"Ho ho ho, here we pirates go, the otean is our foe!!!"
But when the waves touched our feet we run away, because the otean is a fierce warrior and I was nudie naked and had a red plastic bucket.
So I was wishing there was a red boat like the ones that I saw on the otean, so I can sail to spain which is a place in a country. That´s where I have a big castle in my playroom, that is only mine
and where the very people are, too.
It was in the Old Times when I and my pal daddy met Merlin and I took the sword out of the stone, which the fierce men and women warriors of Camelot could not take it out of the stone because they weren´t so improbably strong.
And Merlin told me this:"Although you are a peanut size people you took Excalibur from the stone, and so now you are the king of camelot and the king of Spain too, which is a place in a village where the playground is also".
Of course it turned out Merlin was only Mr. Beano Beano in very truth, telling stories, which he and my pal daddy is what they do.
So I was liking Ondario and the turkey in improbably little pieces, but I wasn´t forgetting that in very reality I am the king of Spain. And I was wishing there was an otean with a red boat so I could sail back to my castle.

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