viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010


Temples were built
so that a man could walk in them
like an unimposing shadow,
scarcely visible in the dim light of God.
A god of stone, not of water or wind:
a pensive, melancholic, forever alone god.
Temples were built in the image
of the mind of men, full of cold,
secret recesses where the dead rot
eternally inside marble sepulchres.
By the cold god of men were temples built
so that a man could walk through them
in the shadow of his own god´s sorrow.

But a different god sings in the river
and ITS laughter is heard in the woods,
one against another the crystal leaves tinkle
with its wild laughter,
with the cold silks of the snow it descends
and engulfs all in its deathless dream.
This god has made the earth so a creature
could walk through it fully visible in the light,
so all shapes could be seen as they move
knowing freedom, and the spirit
which moves them is the same
that moves the sea and the night around the planet.
This is the god of glee who made the forests
an painted them a myriad hues
for the endless delight of the bird and the child.

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