viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010

A lament for a hat and the female usurper.

To adequately undestand some of the latest and most bothersome changes and regressions in History, it behooves us to comprehend the, it must be said, melancholic, evolution of the hat, and to what extent that which was a symbol for a kind of intrinsically male nostalgia, as well as for a male´s subterranean current of urban violence, lost all respectability and prestige at the hands of the females who, with typical cheekyness and lack of tact, are appropriating it for themselves.
Farewell dear fedoras and borsalinos. You will no longer cast a shadow over the eyes of the wrong-doer, nor of the tough silent guy with a brioken heart.
There is nothing more absurd (the connotation being: sad, pathetic) than a man chasing after his hat. Some Irishman said that, as it seemed to him that it was so highly, or deeply, philosophical that it must be said.
To have lost one´s hat is, clearly to have been defeated in love, to have lost your manhood, to have been made a wreck of a guy. More concretely: to have been emasculated by the female. In which case, a man turns maudlin, cynical, sentimental, and is tortured therafter by the most inexact recollections

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