viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010


I have lost my fear.
The sea can take me.
The wet earth can have me.
The desert can burn me and swallow me.
That is what the world is made for,
to destroy and bury
´till, of our having been
and having loved
nothing shall be remembered.
With me will sink
the voices and the gazes
and the beautiful faces
broken in pieces
by the very fury
from which they were created.
And all that will remain:
the sadness of my mind
at not knowing why
I never unsertood them,
their reason for being with me
The sea is vast and sullen.
All that has shape is by the water taken
and in due time only the water rises
to the sun, and nothing is remembered.
A silence such as Noah perceived
after the darkness broke
spirals through the newborn light
and everything outside the corpse
is glad with life.
And clings to breathing.
And to the nearness of another form:
a crazy wish for infinity.
But I am not infinite
and the vast sea can take me,
and the wet earth can have me,
the desert can burn me and swallow me.
I have lost my respect for the might of Death.
The hot wind can paly flute
in the holes of my maggot- cleansed dead bones.

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